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Reporting Abuse

  • Required Reporting Procedures Individuals MUST report an incident or suspicions of sexual abuse of minors to authorities. Situations involving minor children must be reported to Texas Department of Family and Protective Services at 1-800-252-5400 or in an emergency to the appropriate police authority, usually by calling 911. You may also file a report using our secure website:
    A report to the Diocese of child abuse does not relieve the individual of the duty to report child abuse to civil authorities as required by the Texas State Law. In Texas, failure to report child abuse is a class “B” misdemeanor.


  • Individuals with knowledge about violations of Diocesan policy must call the Safe Environment Officer at 972-802-3428, or the Chancellor at 214-528-2240 or the Diocese of Dallas Victim Assistance Coordinator, Brenda Martinez at 214-379-2812.

  • Sacred Heart Catholic Church, through it’s programs, organizations, and events, has numerous daily contacts with many children. It is, therefore, most important that all persons responsible for the care of children, particularly all staff members and volunteers of SHCC, protect the rights of children and be alert to the possibility for child abuse. It is the policy of SHCC and the Diocese of Dallas not only to fulfill the reporting law but also to cooperate fully with the investigating civil authorities.

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If you have questions, please e-mail
Cecy Tanaka at
Safe Environment Officer

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